Digital distribution of audiobooks

Luisterhuis, part of CB, is the leading digital distributor of Dutch and Flemish digital audiobooks. Luisterhuis handles digital fulfillment, offers extensive reports andĀ provides master files and metadata to local and international webshops, library services and subscription platforms. Local resellers includes, Boekkado,, Cliffer, De Slegte, Fluister, Kaleida, Libris, Lire la Vie, Luisterrijk, Toonrijk and the Online Bibliotheek (public libraries). International resellers includes Apple Music, BookBeat, Deezer, Google Play Audiobooks, Kobo/KoboPlus, Napster, Nextory, Podimo, Spotify, Storytel, Youtube Music, and Zebralution.

Luisterhuis manages many thousands of audiobooks thanks to distribution agreements with international audiobook publishers that want to offer their audiobooks to Luisterhuis clients.
New international publishers can contact
Local (Dutch and Belgium) publishers with ISBN prefixes 97890/97894 are handled by CB directly.
More info: E-book and audiobook distribution at CB .

Well-documented APIs are available for resellers who want to sell audiobooks in a webshop. For more information send an email to or download our API documentation.